Prosody Modules

This is a list of Prosody modules, both core (distributed with Prosody) and third-party.

Core modules

:!: This list does not include modules for authentication or data storage.

Name Description Specs Notes First version
admin_adhoc Service Administration XEP-0133 0.8
admin_telnet Telnet admin console Previously mod_console 0.2
announce Broadcast message to online users Supported by Psi, Gajim and other clients 0.5
bosh BOSH (XMPP over HTTP) support for Prosody XEP-0124 XEP-0206 0.3
carbons Carbons XEP-0280 0.10
component Support for external components XEP-0114 0.4
compression Support for stream compression on C2S and S2S links XEP-0138 S2S is supported since 0.7 0.6
dialback Dialback support for server-to-server identity verification XEP-0220 0.1
disco Service Discovery support XEP-0030 0.1
groups Groups ('shared roster') support 0.5
http_files Allow Prosody to serve files over HTTP RFC 2616 Was called mod_httpserver until 0.8 0.3
http Allow Prosody modules to expose various services over HTTP RFC 2616 Automatically loaded by other modules when needed 0.9
http_errors Serve HTTP error pages Automatically loaded by mod_http 0.9
iq Core XMPP functionality RFC 6120 0.1
lastactivity Support querying for user idle times XEP-0012 0.5
legacyauth Legacy (non-SASL) authentication XEP-0078 Required by some old clients 0.1
message Message handling and offline message storage RFC 6121 0.1
motd Send a MOTD to users on login 0.7
muc Multi-User Chat support XEP-0045 0.3
offline Offline message storage and delayed delivery support XEP-0160 XEP-0203 XEP-0091 0.8
pep Personal Eventing Protocol XEP-0163 Stable as of 0.6 0.5
ping XMPP Ping reply support XEP-0199 0.1
posix Support for POSIX-only system features POSIX Required for daemonizing, syslog logging 0.3
presence User presence notification RFC 6121 0.1
privacy Privacy lists XEP-0016 Deprecated in 0.10 0.7
blocklist Block list XEP-0191 0.10
private Private XML storage for clients XEP-0049 0.3
proxy65 File transfer proxy XEP-0065 0.7
pubsub Publish-Subscribe component XEP-0060 0.9
register In-band registration for managing user accounts XEP-0077 0.1
roster Manage and store client rosters RFC 6121 0.1
saslauth Authentication using SASL RFC 6120 0.1
time Reply to "What time is it?" requests XEP-0090 XEP-0202 0.2
tls Support for SSL/TLS encryption RFC 6120 0.1
uptime Reply to uptime requests XEP-0012 0.1
vcard vCard storage for user profiles XEP-0054 0.2
version Reply to software version requests XEP-0092 0.1
watchregistrations Notify a list of JIDs on new registrations 0.4
websocket Supports for XMPP connections over Websockets RFC 7395 0.10
welcome Sends a welcome message to new users 0.4
xmlrpc Support for controlling Prosody via XML-RPC Deprecated in 0.7 0.4

Non-core modules

Unofficial modules or modules not supplied with Prosody as standard are available in the prosody-modules project. Also see instructions for installing modules.

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