BOSH allows clients to use HTTP to communicate with XMPP servers. Often used to allow browser based webclients to connect to an XMPP server, BOSH is also useful in situations where a user is behind a firewall or NAT is preventing connections to the required server ports.


mod_bosh implements XEP-0124 and XEP-0206. For more advanced configuration options see Setting up a BOSH server.



Note that these options only work in the global section of the config.

Option Default Notes
bosh_max_inactivity 60 Maximum amount of time in seconds a client may remain silent for, with no requests
consider_bosh_secure false If true then BOSH connections will be allowed when requiring encryption, even if unencrypted
cross_domain_bosh false Set to true to enable cross-domain requests from websites, or a list like { "", "" }

⚠️ Note: The option bosh_ports was removed in 0.9.0, see upgrading.

Advanced options

⚠️ These advanced options are best left at their defaults unless you know what you are doing

Option Default Notes
bosh_default_hold 1 Maximum number of requests the server will hold open for a client
bosh_max_requests 2 Maximum number of requests a client may make to the server at a time
trusted_proxies { "", "::1" } A list of proxies to trust, used to find a client's real IP