Enabling this module allows users to register new accounts and change passwords.


mod_register implements XEP-0077. User passwords can be changed even if new user registration is disabled.


    modules_enabled = {
        -- Other modules
        "register"; -- Enable mod_register


Option Default Notes
allow_registration false Whether to allow registration of new accounts via Jabber clients
registration_blacklist { } List of IP addresses to deny registration
registration_whitelist { } List of IP addresses to allow registration (bypassing all throttling and limits)
whitelist_registration_only false Whether to only allow IPs in registration_whitelist to register
min_seconds_between_registrations nil The number of seconds a client at a particular IP address must wait before it can register another account
registration_throttle_max nil Defaults to 1 if min_seconds_between_registrations is set, otherwise unset. New in 0.10
registration_throttle_period nil Defaults to the same value as min_seconds_between_registrations. New in 0.10
registration_throttle_cache_size 100 How many IP addresses to keep track of for throttling. New in 0.10
blacklist_on_registration_throttle_overloadfalse Determines behavior if the above cache overflows. If true and the IP is still over the limit, add it to the registration blacklist. New in 0.10


    modules_enabled = {
        -- Other modules
        "register"; -- Enable mod_register
    allow_registration = true -- Allow users to register new accounts
    registration_blacklist = { "", "" } -- 2 IP addresses blacklisted
    registration_whitelist = { } -- No IP addresses whitelisted
    whitelist_registration_only = false -- Anyone can register apart from blacklisted IP addresses
    min_seconds_between_registrations = 300 -- Clients must wait 5 minutes before they can register another account
    -- 0.10+ example of max 3 registrations per minute
    registration_throttle_max = 3
    registration_throttle_period = 60
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