Prosody IM Static Site Generator


This is a simple static site generator for The pages were migrated from our old DokuWiki instance, including history, into Markdown files in a Mercurial repository.


The site is managed with Mercurial, just like Prosody. See the page Contributing for general instructions.


The site uses Pandocs Markdown. A short summary of the most commonly used syntax can be found in wiki/


For building



Builds the entire site

Special files

Apart from GNUmakefile which contains the rules and relationships between source files and finished HTML pages, there’s _template.html which is the HTML template that the source Markdown files are combined with into HTML pages.

The page also has some special treatment, as it is meant for the Nginx Fancy Index module to produce directory listings. Because of how that module needs separate header and footer files, after _dirindex.html is built, sed is used to split it into _dirindex_header.html and _dirindex_footer.html.


Because there were no .html file extensions in Dokuwiki, all links are broken unless some rewrite tricks are used.

For nginx, it goes something like this:

location / {
    index index.html start.html;
    try_files $uri.html $uri $uri/ =404;

    location ~* (/.+)/$ {
        try_files $1.html $uri $uri.html $uri/ =404;