Wiki syntax

The site uses Pandocs Markdown. A short summary of the most commonly used syntax follows.


This is how you write **bold** or *emphasised* words, `code` and
[external links]( and [internal

* list
* items

:   definition

This is how you write bold or emphasised words, code and external links and internal links.

  • list
  • items


% Level 1 header + page title

# Level 2 header

## Level 3 header

### Level 4 header

#### Level 5 header

##### Level 6 header

Headers can have custom #anchors like so:

# Header {#anchor}

[Link to here](#anchor)

Headers without an explicit anchor gets one generated based on the header text itself (i.e. for use in the table-of-contents).

Page title and metadata

Each page should have a header block containing at least a title for the page, that also shows up as the first header on the page.

% This is the page title

Hello, here comes the content.

Alternatively, a YAML metadata block can be used to set more kinds of metadata and processing instructions.

title: This is the page title and first heading
toc: False
keywords: example, markdown
abstract: An example of a page metadata block

Here comes the **content**!

Code blocks

Often docs need to show some example Lua code, which is done using code blocks like this:

local function foo(bar)
    print("Hello " .. bar);