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I have many happy scientists in Antarctica now

Nathan Whitehorn

Wow, that is easy to set up!

Mark Nottingham

[Prosody] absolutely hit the spot for development work and actually felt fun.


Prosody is a lightweight XMPP communications server that is a breeze to download and install.


I would recommend Prosody. It’s lightweight, easy to configure, supports SSL, and has a helpful community.

Damn Terminal

“If you want a fast, lightweight XMPP server, try Prosody.

Joe Hildebrand

Prosody [is] very lightweight and easy to install


Just finished “upgrading” ejabberd to Prosody. Much smoother than I thought. Config is far, far simpler. I really, really <3 Prosody 😄


Converted my IM server from ejabberd to Prosody. Yay for human-readable logs and lower memory use!


Installed Prosody on my own server, really most awesome XMPP server in the wild, and that for being so new


Tried Prosody earlier today. Colour me impressed.


Prosody is seriously cool. You just dont get used to not having to compile the server for changes


I think Prosody is off to a great start, and is a very hackable, very XMPP strict server. No xmlns shortcut DOS problems, very solid.


Got my local instance of Prosody running. Light and snappy. Very happy.


I’m liking Prosody


Switched to Prosody the other day. Light on resources, simple config but can still handle large deployments. Happy so far.


I need a mailserver as easy for mail as Prosody for Jabber


So far I like Prosody quite a bit: it’s a lean little server that’s very easy to install and configure, especially on Debian. […] Congrats to the Prosody team on a solid piece of software!

Peter Saint-Andre

If only more software packages were this polite and helpful 😄

Michael Fleming

Checking out http://prosody.im on my messaging server. Good work @mattj!


Well moved away from ejabberd to Prosody, it has a lot of less stuff but also needs like 1% of the ejabberd’s resources


Replaced #ejabberd (erlang) XMPP server by #prosody (lua) - its config is so much more KISS


Prosody looks way too simple to be true 😄


Prosody is a nice XMPP server.

Christine Lemmer-Webber