0.5.2 Release Notes

Released 2009-09-28

Prosody 0.5.2 is a bugfix release for the stable 0.5 branch.

The following is a summary of changes since the previous version:

  • PEP: Fix sending of iq replies on publish
  • MUC: Add MUC namespace to errors (fixes Gajim's behaviour)
  • BOSH: Fix reply for host-unknown errors
  • More reliably prevent adding yourself to your roster
  • Fix leaked session object when XEP-0114 components disconnect
  • Apply nodeprep (i.e. case normalization) to usernames at login
  • Implement timeout for s2s dialback responses
  • Correctly fall back on alternate DNS nameservers if one fails
  • More robust parsing of resolv.conf
  • mod_httpserver: Allow configuration of HTTP base path
  • mod_console: Gracefully close streams when using s2s:close()
  • Fix libidn crash on Vista and some other Windows systems

Meanwhile development of our 0.6 branch is ongoing. Those interested in getting involved are invited to our chatroom.