0.5.1 Release Notes

Released 2009-07-29

Prosody 0.5.1 is a bugfix release for the stable 0.5 branch.

The following is a summary of changes since the previous version:

  • mod_muc: Fix the sending of the subject on room join
  • posix: Lower the loglevel of error messages sent to syslog
  • Fix traceback when subscription request sent to a host
  • Improve handling/logging of SSL initialisation errors
  • prosodyctl: Drop group if started as root to fix file ownership
  • Fix that directed presence could be sent with no 'from'
  • Enable timestamps by default when logging to files
  • Warn when port configuration incorrectly under a virtual host
  • Send stream opening tag if needed when sending stream errors
  • PEP: Support for item retraction for some clients (eg. Psi)
  • Fix possible doubled iq error responses
  • Add the missing 'help' command to the telnet console :)

In other good news, Prosody is now a step closer to inclusion in Debian - more on that soon 😄