0.4.1 Release Notes

Released 2009-05-05

We are pleased to announce the release of Prosody 0.4.1.

Although the version number may make this appear a "minor" release, it is far from that. Although real feature development has still been going on in the main branch, we have put a lot of work into polishing Prosody's integration with the system. Hence 0.4.1 has in addition to bugfixes, much improved logging, signal handling, and a new 'prosodyctl' utility.

Prosody is a lightweight Jabber/XMPP server written in Lua. It aims to be flexible, easy to extend, and simple to use for both users and developers alike.

The following is a summary of changes since the previous version:

  • Revamped logging system, now much more flexible
  • Fix broken presence stanzas sometimes coming from MUC
  • Add a dataforms lib for modules to use
  • Always send </stream:stream> when a stream is closing
  • Non-blocking DNS lookups integrated into s2s
  • Much cleaner XEP-0114 implementation internally
  • Fix incorrect routing of some type=error presence stanzas
  • Allow mod_debug and mod_console to run alongside each other
  • Don't try to use SSL when it is configured but not installed
  • Allow greater control over the listening network interfaces
  • Support for handling POSIX signals, clean shutdown on SIGTERM
  • Allow pidfile and syslog to be used without daemonizing
  • Fix to not reject some characters valid in XML tags
  • Multiple fixes for configure script
  • Additions to array/set libraries
  • Refuse to run as the root user
  • Add s2s:show() command to console to display all s2s connections
  • New prosodyctl utility for managing Prosody and user accounts