0.2.0 Release Notes

Released 2008-12-29

Just under 4 weeks later, and we're still working away. This release brings us daemon support, interoperability, performance and reliability enhancements.

A summary of changes:

  • Fix to not send stream:features to incoming S2S connections (we don't support SASL/TLS on S2S yet). This fixes S2S with multiple other implementations, including Jabber XCP and jabberd2.
  • Disconnect connections sending bad XML, rather than throwing an error
  • Dialback fix to work with jabberd2
  • Support for remote servers doing dialback piggybacking. Fixes the potential problems with Google Talk domains.
  • Fix for major bug on TLS connections, which caused a big slow-down when a client connected with TLS
  • Support for daemonizing on POSIX systems
  • Latin1 support for DIGEST-MD5
  • Slightly more secure dialback secret generation :)
  • Fix to handle "=" in base64 data received from incorrect client implementations
  • IDNA fix for DIGEST-MD5 with some clients
  • Fix potential data loss when closing a connection with a write queue over a certain threshold
  • Port numbers are now customisable through the config file
  • Fixes for the ejabberd dump importer
  • Fix for dialback to work with internal components
  • Lots of performance improvements (2.5x increase in benchmark results)
  • General code improvements, and small internal fixes
  • Various logging improvements
  • Return errors for undeliverable stanzas over S2S

In addition there is a new BOSH module, and built-in HTTP server in their early stages. Neither should be considered for real use yet, though testing and bug reports are appreciated.

Known issues:

  • Features listed in <stream:features> may be duplicated (one per host). As there are no known interoperability issues stemming from this, we decided not to let it block the release.
  • Harmless warnings are printed at startup about multiple modules being loaded. This is related to the above issue, and will also be fixed in the next release.