Released: 2023-09-06


We’re relieved to announce this overdue maintenance release containing a number of bug fixes and also some improvements from the last few months.

Especially the prosodyctl check tool which gained some new diagnostic checks as well as handling of configuration option types the same way Prosody itself does.


Summary of all changes in this release:

Minor changes

  • core.certmanager: Update Mozilla TLS config to version 5.7
  • util.error: Fix error on conversion of invalid error stanza #1805
  • util.array: Fix new() library function
  • util.array: Expose new() on module table
  • prosodyctl: Fix output of error messages containing ‘%’
  • util.prosodyctl.check: Correct suggested replacement for ‘disallow_s2s’
  • util.prosodyctl.check: Allow same config syntax variants as in Prosody for some options #896
  • util.prosodyctl.check: Fix error where hostname can’t be turned into A label
  • util.prosodyctl.check: Hint about the ‘external_addresses’ config option
  • util.prosodyctl.check: Suggest ‘http_cors_override’ instead of older CORS settings
  • util.prosodyctl.check: Validate format of module list options
  • mod_websocket: Add a ‘pre-session-close’ event #1800
  • mod_smacks: Fix stray watchdog closing sessions
  • mod_csi_simple: Disable revert-to-inactive timer when going to active mode
  • mod_csi_simple: Clear delayed active mode timer on disable
  • mod_admin_shell: Fix display of remote cert status when expired etc
  • mod_smacks: Replace existing watchdog when starting hibernation
  • mod_http: Fix error if ‘access_control_allow_origins’ is set
  • mod_pubsub: Send correct ‘jid’ attribute in disco#items
  • mod_http: Unhook CORS handlers only if active to fix an error #1801
  • mod_s2s: Add event where resolver for s2sout can be tweaked


As usual, download instructions for many platforms can be found on our download page

If you have any questions, comments or other issues with this release, let us know!