Released: 2020-01-18


This release contains a number of bug fixes and a couple of performance improvements.


Summary of all changes in this release:

Fixes and improvements

  • core.rostermanager: Improve performance by caching rosters of offline #1233
  • mod_pep: Handling subscriptions more efficiently #1372

Minor changes

  • util.interpolation: Support unescaped variables with more modifiers #1452
  • MUC: Mark source of historic messages correctly #1416
  • mod_auth_internal_hashed: Pass on errors #1477
  • mod_mam, mod_muc_mam: Improve logging of failures #1478, #1480, #1481
  • mod_muc, mod_muc_mam: Reschedule message expiry in case of failure
  • mod_mam: Add flag to session when it performs a MAM query
  • prosodyctl check: Warn about conflict between mod_pep and mod_pep_simple
  • prosodyctl check: Warn about conflict between mod_vcard and mod_vcard_legacy #1469
  • core.modulemanager: Disable mod_vcard if mod_vcard_legacy is enabled to prevent conflict #1469
  • MUC: Strip tags with MUC-related namespaces from private messages #1427
  • MUC: Don’t advertise registration feature on host #1451
  • mod_vcard_legacy: Fix handling of empty photo elements #1432
  • mod_vcard_legacy: Advertise lack of avatar correctly #1431
  • prosodyctl: Handle if the setting proxy65_address has the wrong type
  • prosodyctl: Print a blank line to improve spacing and readability
  • MUC: Fix role loss in Nickname change #1466
  • util.pposix: Fix reporting of memory usage in 2-4GB range #1445
  • util.startup: Fix a regression concerning directory paths #1430
  • mod_websocket: Don’t mask WebSocket pong answers #1484
  • net.resolvers: Apply IDNA conversion to ascii for DNS lookups (affects only HTTP queries) #1426
  • net.resolvers.basic: Fix resolution of IPv6 literals (in brackets) #1459


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