Port Multiplexing

Prosody can handle multiple protocols on a single port. This allows you to offer both XMPP and HTTP on port 80 for example.


To use multiplexed ports, enable mod_net_multiplex and use the 'ports' and 'ssl_ports' option in the configuration file:

The following makes Prosody accept HTTP, XMPP client, XMPP server and XMPP component connections on each of these three ports:

    ports = { 5222, 5269, 80 };

And the following makes Prosody accept HTTPS, XMPP legacy SSL connections on both the specified ports:

    ssl_ports = { 443, 5223 };


Option Default Notes
ports {} Ports which handle HTTP, XMPP client, S2S and component connections
ssl_ports {} Ports which handle HTTPS and legacy SSL connections
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