Using Prosody with MySQL

For general information on configuring Prosody to use MySQL, see our storage documentation.

0.8.1 schema update

If you use MySQL with Prosody 0.8.0, we strongly recommend upgrading to 0.8.1.

As part of the upgrade your database schema needs to be modified. If Prosody is able, it will do this itself. You should see a message in your log file like:

  info        Database table automatically upgraded

If Prosody doesn't have the necessary permissions, you will see:

  error        Failed to upgrade database schema, please see for help

Here is your help. To fix the table, you simply need to run one SQL statement as the root database user (or another user with permission to modify the prosody database table).

If you use the command-line MySQL utility, start it now:

  $ mysql -uroot -p -D prosody
    Enter password:

At the MySQL prompt, execute the following query:


If successful it should now look something like:

  mysql> ALTER TABLE prosody MODIFY COLUMN `value` TEXT;
  Query OK, 1004 rows affected (0.01 sec)
  Records: 1004  Duplicates: 0  Warnings: 0

Prosody will automatically silence its errors.

If you have any other issues getting this or anything else regarding Prosody and MySQL working, feel free to ask for help.