If you run a server on which registration is open, it is quite likely that you will want to know when someone registers a new account. This module allows you to do just that.


By enabling this module all configured admins will receive a message when someone registers. You can customise this behaviour using the below options.



Option Default Notes
registration_watchers { } List of users to receive registration alerts, if empty the admins list is used
registration_notification "User $username just registered on $host from $ip" The message to send whenever a new user registers with variable expansion - see below

Registration Notification Variables

Some variables can be specified in registration_notification and Prosody will automatically replace them with the relevant information before sending the message. The following list assumes a user has registered from IP address

Variable Description Example
$username The username of the new user new.user
$host The host of the new user
$ip The IP address the registration was made from