This module converts users profiles and Avatars between old and new formats, as described in XEP-0398.


This module combines and translates a users vcard4 and PEP avatar data to and from the older vcard-temp format. vcard profile information and avatar are stored separately in PEP.

Starting with 0.11.3 this module will upgrade data from the format used by mod_vcard data into the format used by mod_vcard_legacy and mod_vcard4. This process removes the old data. This is to avoid having both old and new data.


modules_enabled = {
    -- Other modules


A boolean setting upgrade_legacy_vcards that defaults to true is available from 0.11.3. Setting it to false disables automatic upgrading of data from mod_vcard.

Configuration is handled though PEP. The nodes involved are:

  • urn:xmpp:vcard4
  • urn:xmpp:avatar:metadata
  • urn:xmpp:avatar:data

These nodes can be configured individually. Notably, the access_model setting can be configured to make the data public or restricted to users contacts. This is respected by mod_vcard_legacy. This allows users to e.g. make only their avatar public and restrict their name and other details to contacts.