This module adds rate-limiting for XMPP sessions, limiting excessive bandwidth usage by clients and remote servers.

This module has been included with Prosody since 0.10. For earlier versions, please see the community-maintained module.


Extra configuration required to enable the limits is described below.


Option Default Notes
limits {} Sets the limits for each session type
limits_resolution 1 Sets the time that an over-limit session is suspended for
unlimited_users {} Set of users except from limits (added in 0.12)

Currently mod\_limits is configured per connection type. The possible connection types are:

  • c2s
  • s2sin
  • s2sout
  • component

The limits are specified like so in the global section of your config (they cannot be per-host):

All units are in terms of *bytes*, not *bits*, so that "kb/s" is interpreted as "kilobytes per second", where a kilobyte is 1000 bytes.