Running Prosody on LuaJIT

Note: Running Prosody with LuaJIT is not recommended or supported these days. The LuaJIT project has not adopted most new changes to the Lua language since Lua 5.1. Meanwhile we are deprecating Lua 5.1 support.

LuaJIT also has restrictions on the amount of memory that a Lua process can use. In general, Prosody needs more RAM than it does CPU. This means LuaJIT does not provide a substantial performance benefit for most deployments.

This page remains solely for reference purposes, and special-purpose deployments which do need the optimizations that LuaJIT provides.

LuaJIT is an alternate implementation of a Lua interpreter that does tracing Just-In-Time compilation. Running Prosody on LuaJIT can be an attractive option in order to squeeze some extra performance out of your server.

On Debian/Ubuntu

If you installed Prosody from our package repository, you can switch to LuaJIT by editing /etc/default/prosody and adding a line like this:


Built from source

When building from source, you can specify a runtime as an argument to configure.

For example:

./configure --runwith=/usr/local/bin/luajit

The scary way

As a last resort, you can edit the prosody executable and replace the shebang, by changing

#!/usr/bin/env lua


#!/usr/bin/env luajit