Downloading and Installing Prosody

Latest version:

Installing Prosody is quite straightforward in most cases. Prosody is available for many of the major operating systems.

If we have no package for yours, you should be able to install using the source package, see Source below.

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Debian and Ubuntu

Binary packages are available for all current Debian and Ubuntu releases.

To install the version of Prosody available in your distribution’s official repositories, simply run:

sudo apt install prosody

To keep up to date with the latest (and greatest!) Prosody releases, we recommend that you also add our repository, as distributions may lag behind the latest version a bit. The repository also has nightly builds of active branches.


RPM packages for Prosody for all active Fedora releases are available to install via dnf, simply run as root:

dnf install prosody

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and Rocky

CentOS Stream, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and derivatives like Rocky Linux don’t ship Prosody themselves, but the Fedora-driven repository Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) is doing so, if it’s enabled. Since RHEL 8 the CodeReady Linux Builder (CRB) repository needs to be enabled, too.

Prosody is available to install from all active EPEL releases via yum, simply run as root:

yum install epel-release
crb enable
yum install prosody


Prosody is available in the Portage tree as net-im/prosody, simply run as root:

emerge --ask net-im/prosody

Arch Linux

Arch Linux packages for Prosody are available in their repositories.

Detailed information on installing Prosody on Arch can be found on the ArchWiki.


OpenSUSE packages for Prosody are available from here.

Mac OS X

OS X users can use Homebrew to install the latest version of Prosody. After installing Homebrew simply run:

brew tap prosody/prosody 
brew install prosody


Prosody is available for the various BSD flavours:

Source code

Prosody source archives for each release are available here.

Alternatively you can obtain the latest source code from our Mercurial repository. Here are notes on how to install from source code.

Please note that while the latest source may contain new and exciting features, it is not always stable and production ready. If you find any anomalies please submit your bug reports or bug fixes after reading the instructions here.
Thank you.

Nightly builds

Nightly builds are available for all active branches. Currently the builds only have packages for Debian and Ubuntu.

To install a nightly build, first add our repository, then install the package for the branch, named like prosody-BRANCH. To e.g. install the latest trunk build:

sudo apt install prosody-trunk


⚠️ Windows support has been deprecated. Downloads are no longer available.

Alternatives include Windows Subsystem for Linux and Docker.


Please contact with any questions not answered here.

Why windows support is unavailable now?

  • We don’t have the resources (in the form of developer time) to maintain a Windows version.
  • The last version before support was dropped has unresolved security issues.

Next steps

Hopefully you now have a server up and running. The next step is to configure it, the only thing you are required to do is to tell the server what hosts you want Prosody to serve, see Adding a Host for more info.

Finally you will want to create yourself and any other users accounts. For the various ways of doing so, see our Creating Accounts article.

Let us know how you get on! 😄