Plugins Directory

Your plugins directory contains all the optional modules that Prosody uses. Adding a module file (.lua) to this directory and then either commanding Prosody to load it, or adding it to modules_enabled in your config is enough to get Prosody using it. Bear in mind that some plugins will require configuration before they will do anything useful - refer to their documentation for more help on that. The documentation for core modules (those supplied by the Prosody team) is available here.

Your plugins directory will be in one of several locations, depending on how you installed Prosody.

If you never installed Prosody, and are running it directly from source checkout then Prosody will use the 'plugins' sub-directory of the place that you started the server from.

If you installed using 'make install' or a package, check /usr/lib/prosody/modules/

Windows users can find the plugins folder in the location they opted to install Prosody to during setup.

Additional Plugin Directories

You can specify additional plugin directories using the plugin_paths config option. Specify it in the global section of your config like this:

plugin_paths = { "path/to/plugins", "path/to/plugins2" }

Plugins are searched in all the specified paths in order, and finally checked in the default plugin directory.

⚠️ A restart is required after changing plugin_paths.