Installing Prosody

Installing Prosody is quite straightforward in most cases. We have packages for the major operating systems to make it even easier. If we have no package for yours, you should be able to install using the source package, see Source below.


If you used apt-get to download prosody then that would have also installed it.

After downloading the package file, simply double-click on it to perform the installation.

For those using the command line, simply:

 sudo dpkg -i prosody_0.8.2-1_i386.deb
 sudo apt-get install -f

where "0.8.0" is the version you downloaded.

Note: On Debian, Ubuntu and derived systems that support APT package management, we recommend you use our Prosody package repository to keep up to date with the latest versions.

MS Windows

On Windows simply choose to run, or double-click the downloaded installer. Follow the instructions that appear on-screen.


Assuming you have MacPorts, you can grab Prosody's dependencies with:

 sudo port install lua lua-luasocket lua-luasec lua-luaexpat

:!: This is only needed when you plan to build prosody from source. If you just want to use it you can download the disk image from the download section.



 emerge --ask net-im/prosody

does all the magic for you.

Arch Linux

Detailed information on installing Prosody on Arch can be found on the ArchWiki.


We have a separate short guide on Installing from source which should give some help with getting Prosody built on most systems.

Also note that if you build from source you will also need to install Prosody's runtime dependencies manually.

Next steps

Hopefully you now have a server up and running. The next step is to configure it, the only thing you are required to do is to tell the server what hosts you want Prosody to serve, see Adding a Host for more info.

Finally you will want to create yourself and any other users accounts. For the various ways of doing so, see our Creating Accounts article.

Let us know how you get on! :-)

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