ID  Title Status  Type  Milestone  Created  Updated  Stars 
635 Migrator has a charset problem Accepted Defect 0.10 ★★
688 SQL prepared statements not always re-used Accepted Defect 0.10 ★★
563 Autmatic MUC kicks on stream errors can reveal domains in semi-anonymous rooms Accepted Defect (empty)
391 Can't create more than max_prepared_stmt_count statements Accepted Defect 0.9 ★★★
373 Server won't accept muc#roomconfig without muc#roomconfig_whois Accepted Defect 0.9 ★★★
462 Prosody 0.9.7 "leaking" CPU time Accepted Defect 0.9 ★★
540 mod_watchregistrations reports registrations from instead of real user's IP Accepted Defect 0.9 ★★
419 Solaris 10 doesn't have "ifaddrs.h" Accepted Defect 0.9 ★★
476 "luasocket was not compiled with UNIX sockets support" when using prosody repo Accepted Defect 0.9
366 [Pubsub] Traceback when 'jid' is missing from subscription request Accepted Defect 0.9
423 Permissions on /var/log/prosody/* are unconditionally reset upon package upgrade. Accepted Defect 0.9
403 [Debian] conf.d is present but ignored by default Accepted Defect 0.9
495 throttle.lua floor problem Accepted Defect 0.9
384 [mod_muc/mod_privacy] User gets kicked from room if they block an occupant's room JID Accepted Defect 0.9
487 DNS resolution of CNAMEs fails often (not always) Started Defect 0.9 ★★★
692 Prosody migrator creates incorrect db schema when moving data from file storage to sqlite NeedInfo Defect 0.10
186 Add files' size limit option for Proxy65 Accepted Enhancement 0.10 ★★★★
129 mod_limits Accepted Enhancement 0.10 ★★★
296 mod_pubsub: Add "delete-nodes" and correct "create-nodes" Accepted Enhancement 0.10 ★★★
355 Postgres "idle in transaction" Accepted Defect 0.10 ★★★
610 [Debian] lua-bitop should be dependency for mod_websocket Accepted Defect 0.10 ★★
337 [XEP-0045] Invisible Nicknames (e.g. consisting of one or more spaces) are forbidden Accepted Defect 0.10 ★★
810 Debian packages install /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua with executable bit Accepted Defect 0.10
858 configure: Add method of appending complier flags without overriding them. Accepted Enhancement 0.10
778 Import mod_server_contact_info to Prosody’s default plugins Accepted Enhancement 0.10
779 prosodyctl check not aware of bare jid hosts Accepted Defect 0.10
844 Monitor failed logins in (non-debug) log Accepted Enhancement 0.10
727 net.server uses socket.dns.getaddrinfo which is missing from luasocket 2 Accepted Defect 0.10
693 Configuration file updates for 0.10 Accepted Other 0.10
707 Providing alternative configuration file on command line Accepted Enhancement 0.10
690 User gets kicked from room if they block an occupant's room JID using mod_blocklist Accepted Defect 0.10
365 Improve "missing dependency" banner Accepted Defect 0.10
867 MAM: Enable archiving after users first query Accepted Enhancement 0.10
345 MUC: Adding multiple members at a time doesn't work Accepted Defect 0.10
358 [Debian] Install logcheck rules Accepted Defect 0.10
328 Unable to create users or rooms using smack library Started Defect 0.10 ★★★
765 mod_muc does not set 110 status code on unavailable presences sent to kicked occupants NeedInfo Defect 0.11
54 LDAP support Accepted Enhancement 0.11 ★★★★★
485 [mod_pep] Permanent data storage Accepted Enhancement 0.11 ★★★★
395 [mod_muc] Save history on restart Accepted Enhancement 0.11 ★★
385 [mod_muc] Feature Request: Maximum Number of Occupants Accepted Enhancement 0.11 ★★
399 Let auth plugins set username Accepted Enhancement 0.11
680 MUC status code 100 is sent to all participants Accepted Defect 0.11
726 API for handling HTTP uploads incrementally Accepted Enhancement 0.11
513 prosodyctl config edit Blocked Enhancement 0.11
130 Save user's last activity Accepted Enhancement 1.0 ★★★
293 Localization Accepted Enhancement 1.0
81 XEP-0227: Portable Import/Export Format for XMPP-IM Servers Accepted Enhancement 1.0
711 util.stanza.deserialize mutates input New Defect (empty)
706 prosodyctl {incoming,outgoing}-s2s-number New Enhancement (empty)
710 Force overwrite of mod_posix variables on program start New Enhancement (empty)
709 Support MUC Sub proposed by ejabberd New Enhancement (empty)
708 mod_storage_ldap - crashing for groups with single member New Defect (empty)
666 Race condition in net.http.request with server_select New Defect (empty)
716 Support XEP-0070: Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP New Enhancement (empty)
713 Unbound offline storage causes prosody errors New Defect (empty)
725 mod_storage_xmlarchive archives aren’t deleted on account removal Started Defect (empty)
848 mod_pastebin: preserve colors from XHTML-IM in paste New Enhancement (empty)
728 [Debian] Meaningful defaults for MAXFDS New Enhancement (empty)
712 mod_pinger breaks hibernated smacks sessions New Defect (empty)
723 Split mod_register into multiple modules New Enhancement (empty)
719 wantread/wantwrite issue for ssl connections in server_select New Defect (empty)
720 pkg-config preset for configure script Started Enhancement (empty)
714 Prosody Stateful Asynchronous API for sending IQ New Enhancement (empty)
704 Cannot Delete Users NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
700 [mod_admin_adhoc] set MOTD New Enhancement (empty)
701 prosody reload (using init script) is not enough to reload ssl/tls certificate change New Defect (empty) ★★
678 Messages to unavailable full JIDs of type "normal" are rerouted New Defect (empty)
682 Send affilition changes to participants even if the jid whos aff. changed is not in the room New Enhancement (empty) ★★
686 Support for subscription preapproval New Enhancement (empty)
687 Problems using libevent on OpenBSD, no rfork() Blocked Defect (empty)
675 mod_s2s_keepalive doc implies that keepalive_servers is required Accepted Defect (empty)
672 [mod_mam_muc] add Archive expiry to New Enhancement (empty)
674 when external auth is using lpty not able to restart server due to not closing port 5281 New Defect (empty)
361 Message stanza body element getting extra xmlns attribute when passing trough BOSH Accepted Defect (empty) ★★★
667 MUC message with subject and body SHALL NOT be interpreted as a subject change New Defect (empty)
703 prosodyctl check config does not detect missing global ssl configuration for legacy_ssl_ports New Defect (empty)
850 [mod_c2s] Traceback[c2s]: /usr/lib/prosody/util/stanza.lua:207: bad argument #1 to 's_gsub' (string expected, got boolean) New Defect (empty)
217 Ability to sync running server with config file in a single command Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★★
698 mod_groups not updating shared roster for a user using multiple devices New Defect (empty)
699 [mod_admin_adhoc] show number of online users New Enhancement (empty)
730 net.server: Generic API for watching a file descriptor New Enhancement (empty)
689 MUST keep full subscription request stanza New Defect (empty)
697 Merge reload_modules functionality into core New Enhancement (empty)
131 mod_housekeeping Accepted Enhancement (empty)
695 prosodyctl connected_users_number New Enhancement (empty)
167 "Public" shared roster groups don't work as expected Accepted Defect (empty) ★★★★★
733 Disk space limits for mod_offline and mod_mam New Enhancement (empty)
753 attempt to concatenate field 'ip' NeedInfo Defect (empty)
743 Poorly Designed SQL Table - Prosody 0.10 New Defect (empty)
809 Allow parallel RSA and ECDSA certificates New Enhancement (empty)
61 PAM authentication Started Enhancement (empty) ★★★★
819 net.dns does not support DNAME Accepted Defect (empty)
820 mod_register_redirect not working with prosody-trunk New Defect (empty)
807 mod_firewall IN_ROSTER slows down all stanzas New Enhancement (empty)
802 Require confirmation for user registration New Enhancement (empty)
805 mod_pep: Querying pubsub items using PubSub fails with "service-unavailable" New Defect (empty) ★★
800 mam and mysql lock NeedInfo Defect (empty)
798 MUC-PMs are wrongfully carbon-copied New Defect (empty)
823 mod_http_upload: per-user limits New Enhancement (empty)
834 mod_auth_external is unstable New Defect (empty)
842 mod_auth_external: protocol ejabberd is not working New Defect (empty)
843 [mod_websocket] auth fails if wrong credentials are provided initially New Defect (empty)
845 Add support for HTTP DELETE on the PUT URL to mod_http_upload Blocked Enhancement (empty)
826 Return <identity category="account" type="registered"/> on users bare JIDs New Defect (empty) ★★
841 mod_auth_external: script with arguments New Defect (empty)
836 User is kicked from MUC room when smacks timeout reached New Defect (empty)
839 offline storage not working New Defect (empty) ★★
835 Attempt to send stanza from nil - a host we don't serve NeedInfo Defect (empty)
734 Non-ASCII characters dumped to debug log New Defect (empty)
792 "service prosody stop" command doesn't actually stop the service. NeedInfo Defect (empty) ★★
782 mod_vjud fails to get all users with vjud_mode = "all" when using external authentication (cyrus_sasl) New Defect (empty)
756 mod_measure_storage produces a traceback upon loading Accepted Defect (empty)
757 Make mod_disco’s disco_items option apply only to VirtualHosts by default New Defect (empty)
761 DNS lookup failed to get a response NeedInfo Defect (empty)
762 Remember the users settings of mod_muc_log_http in a cookie/web storage New Enhancement (empty)
663 User info changes not affecting last logged in admin user NeedInfo Defect (empty)
751 Certificates directory is world-readable New Defect (empty)
752 Missing SSL/TLS configuration should fail Accepted Defect (empty)
747 LuaDBI no longer available in FreeBSD ports New Defect (empty)
791 Messages from blocked JIDs get through NeedInfo Defect (empty)
766 Limit number of rooms, configurable behaviour when exceeded New Enhancement (empty)
768 mod_admin_web: Login silently fails if HTTP used instead of HTTPS New Defect (empty)
776 Inequal handling of c2s and s2s stanzas in debug logs New Enhancement (empty)
89 Set process name to 'prosody' when running Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★★
767 more flexible log subsys New Enhancement (empty)
775 mod_throttle_presence breaks MUC joins New Defect (empty) ★★★
770 Better error description on s2s error New Defect (empty)
772 support for stacked authentication providers New Enhancement (empty) ★★
769 MUC owners cannot kick other owners New Defect (empty) ★★★
660 Async DNS lookup for HTTP requests New Enhancement (empty)
851 Reorganize Prosodys startup code - util.startup Accepted Enhancement (empty)
656 mod_auth_external on prosody-0.10-1nightly242 NeedInfo Defect (empty)
271 On OS X using brew install, config file defaults aren't quite right Accepted Defect (empty)
497 CORS not always enabled NeedInfo Defect (empty)
500 Changs on connecting New Defect (empty)
501 In-band registration not working New Defect (empty)
490 OCSP Stapling Blocked Enhancement (empty) ★★
294 mod_auth_cyrus doesn't support cyrus_require_provisioning Accepted Defect (empty)
488 Version of LuaExpat does not support stanza size limits Accepted Defect (empty) ★★★
467 Prosody does not send failed or resumed element after 'resume' NeedInfo Defect (empty)
300 Provide a way to create consistent backups from the filesystem store Accepted Defect (empty) ★★★
516 mod_component replies to disco#info for disconnected external components Accepted Defect (empty)
524 mod_pep: User JIDs are cached permanently in recipients table Accepted Defect (empty)
536 Notify the admin before reaching a socket descriptor limit New Enhancement (empty) ★★
537 [mod_throttle_presence] crash: attempt to index field 'attr' (a nil value) Accepted Defect (empty)
255 Errors thrown during server-started event are not caught Accepted Defect (empty)
517 Add authorization providers New Enhancement (empty)
534 XEP-227 import doesn't work Accepted Defect (empty)
530 prosodyctl cert does not put files in /etc/prosody/certs Accepted Defect (empty)
533 Experimental IDNA 2008 support Accepted Enhancement (empty)
528 server_select and server_event call different callbacks on connection failure Started Defect (empty)
541 Non-core logging sinks miss startup messages Accepted Defect (empty)
461 Prosody 0.9 (or modules) leaking memory New Defect (empty)
459 Unescape JIDs before passing to Cyrus SASL Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
388 prosodyctl getpid tries to open pidfile for writing New Defect (empty)
864 xmppstream thinks it leaks memory when sending escaped (e.g. &gt; ) content and disconnects client after some time New Defect (empty)
400 OS X Homebrew installation has incorrect default data path Accepted Defect (empty) ★★
863 storagemanager: Traceback when opening a store on an uninitialized host Accepted Defect (empty)
865 mod_http: add support for CORS New Enhancement (empty)
359 util-src miss the code to build net.dll Accepted Defect (empty)
383 XEP-0198, also implement the "committing the stanza for offline storage" variant Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★★★★
371 mod_bosh works for every virtualhost (even if explicitly disabled) Accepted Defect (empty) ★★★
460 Prosody trunk fails to execute module timers after running some time (a.k.a. THE timer problem) Accepted Defect (empty) ★★★
859 [mod_mam_muc] Only last 20 messages are fetched New Defect (empty)
411 stringprep.h validation missing on ./configure New Defect (empty)
442 Fatal SSL errors don't call ondisconnect Accepted Defect (empty)
446 pluginloader does not load libs from plugin_paths Accepted Defect (empty)
455 Inaccessible user data fails too quietly. Accepted Defect (empty)
409 SNI support Started Enhancement (empty) ★★
440 Homebrew upgrades LuaSocket on every 'brew upgrade' Accepted Defect (empty)
309 Added SSL support to mod_offline_email.lua Accepted Enhancement (empty)
855 mod_auth_external error in bash script response read New Defect (empty)
5 Run Prosody as a service on Windows Accepted Enhancement (empty)
658 mod_bosh send() filter differ from normal c2s New Defect (empty)
550 mod_mam_archive uses sql.lib.lua which does not exist anymore New Defect (empty)
556 CSI should delay forwarded carbons from self if inactive until the device changes back to active. New Enhancement (empty)
631 Let data_path be relative when Prosody is installed Accepted Enhancement (empty)
633 mod_auth_sql: password change support New Enhancement (empty)
634 Order of account deletion/denial should not matter New Defect (empty)
866 bad argument #1 to 's_gsub' New Defect (empty)
628 XEP-0322: Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Format New Enhancement (empty)
620 Excludes for mandatory c2s encryption New Enhancement (empty)
622 Missing features in pubsub 1 of x: Set affiliations New Enhancement (empty) ★★
619 Prosody stores chatstates in the offline database New Defect (empty) ★★
236 moving contacts from mod_groups managed groups works unexpected Started Defect (empty)
637 Prosody hangs on startup when sql host is set to a socket New Defect (empty)
642 plugin for cPanel New Enhancement (empty)
650 Make ejabberdsql2prosody (and likely other migrators) process the input sequentially New Defect (empty)
846 Prosody crashing NeedInfo Defect (empty)
655 Support MUC voice requests and approvals in moderated rooms New Enhancement (empty)
638 Rename "mod_lib_ldap" to "ldap" New Defect (empty)
649 rfc6724.source() performs badly on systems with many IP addresses Accepted Defect (empty)
645 Compression Oracle Attacks New Defect (empty)
647 mod_statistics top unpractical and broken New Defect (empty)
643 plugin for Plesk New Enhancement (empty)
552 Invalid presence causes traceback Accepted Defect (empty)
607 out of memory breaks server_select Accepted Defect (empty)
847 mod_reload_modules doesn't reload mod_http globally New Defect (empty)
567 Store salt when using internal_plain New Enhancement (empty)
572 prosodyctl command to export config for easy pastebinning Accepted Enhancement (empty)
852 Remove multiple config format support. New Enhancement (empty)
577 Offline message to database Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
565 DNSSEC: better reflect s2s authentication status in error responses and mod_admin_web New Defect (empty)
561 PubSub: Manage Affiliations New Enhancement (empty)
254 Provide muc#roomconfig_allowinvites in mod_muc plugin Accepted Enhancement (empty)
853 Client connection never disconnected by the server when the admin delete JID New Defect (empty)
606 :write after :close Accepted Defect (empty)
580 Document development of authentication modules Accepted Defect (empty)
582 Vhost setting in db New Enhancement (empty)
581 mod_groups: roster broken after deleting group in pidgin New Defect (empty)
604 Traceback on receiving <proceed/> before <starttls/> Accepted Defect (empty)
605 module:context(host):hook() doesn't work if host hasn't been activated yet Accepted Defect (empty)
599 [s2s_auth_dane] Connection should fail if TLSA records do not match New Defect (empty)
602 Error in log from mod_pep_plus (attempt to concatenate local 'username') New Defect (empty)
587 Document development of storage modules Started Defect (empty)
592 loggingmanager.lua:262: bad argument #3 to 'format' Accepted Defect (empty)
593 mod_c2s error: constant table overflow Accepted Defect (empty)
651 Migrator archive support Accepted Enhancement 0.10
463 [mod_log_messages_sql] Does not reconnect to database Blocked Defect After0.10 ★★★
4 Tests for RFC compliance Accepted Task (empty) ★★
226 mod_bosh: Support for session pausing Accepted Enhancement (empty)
107 Adding support for HTTP Response compression Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
575 XEP-0191, mod_blocklist: MUST send error reply if user sends presence to blocked contact Accepted Defect (empty)
557 mod_http_upload: add file storage expiry option Accepted Enhancement (empty) ★★
653 util.pposix: #warning is a GCC extension Accepted Defect (empty)
397 [mod_muc] provide default_history_messages Accepted Enhancement 0.9 ★★★★
387 [mod_disco] allow inheriting services from another domain Accepted Enhancement (empty)
402 mod_bosh: Allow configuration of cross_domain_bosh, per virtual host Accepted Enhancement (empty)
413 Clustering support Accepted Enhancement 1.0 ★★★★★
435 Provide a more flexible way to configure who can create rooms New Enhancement (empty)
333 mod_groups: Flexible group visibility Accepted Enhancement (empty)
368 Ability to edit Vcards via prosodyctl. New Enhancement (empty)