Jingle is the XMPP extension that allows for peer-to-peer client connections to transmit audio, video and other data.

Many XMPP clients now support voice and video using your microphone and webcam. A list of clients that support Jingle can be found on the Wikipedia page.

Example clients:

  • Jitsi - Cross-platform
  • Empathy - GNOME, default in Ubuntu
  • Gajim - GTK+, Linux-centric
  • Psi - Qt, voice only
  • Pidgin - Voice/video supported on Linux only
  • Otalk - Web based client using WebRTC and WebSockets

Server support

Server support is not required for Jingle, as the clients communicate directly and only use the XMPP channel for negotiating. As a result Jingle clients are fully compatible with Prosody.