Utility for producing colourful terminal output. Mainly used for console logging. Limited Windows support.

List of styles


getstyle takes a list of colour names or styles and returns the codes for later use with other functions.


Takes a colour code from getstyle and some text returns a string with the appropriate ANSI escape codes so that it gets coloured when printed. It also adds the reset escape code so that following output are shown as normal.


Takes a colour code from getstyle and writes it to standard output, so that later output uses this code. Be sure to use the "reset" style to revert back to the default colours.


Turns coloured from getstring text into HTML.


local color = require "util.termcolours";
local ok = color.getstyle("green");
local warn = color.getstyle("bold", "yellow");
local err = color.getstyle("bold", "red");
local crit = color.getstyle("bold", "bright", "yellow", "red background");
print(color.getstring(ok, "Everything is going fine"));
print(color.getstring(warn, "Hm, that's weird..."));
print(color.getstring(err, "Everything is on fire!"));
print(color.getstring(crit, "Take cover, it's gonna blow!"));
print(c--+++CARRIER LOST