#682 Send affilition changes to participants even if the jid whos aff. changed is not in the room

Reporter Daniel Gultsch
Owner Nobody
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  • Status-New
  • Type-Enhancement
  • Priority-Medium
  1. Daniel Gultsch on

    Description of feature: Issue #445 would allow users to request the entire member list (and I'm including admins and owners) on join. But if one of the affiliation changes while they are in the room they won't notice unless the members whos affiliation was changed happens to be in the room as well. Sending a notification message to all participants if an affiliation changes would fix this and would allow all participants to keep the member list updated. This is described in the examples 176, 190, 195 (but should also include other affiliation changes that do not have an example like getting removed from the member list or getting added to the member list) Together with #445 this can really improve the UX for WhatsApp style group chats. ejabberd already has support for this and so does Conversations.

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