#271 On OS X using brew install, config file defaults aren't quite right

Reporter david.ascher
Owner tmarkmann
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  1. david.ascher on

    *What steps will reproduce the problem?* 1. brew install http://prosody.im/files/homebrew/prosody.rb (as per docs) 2. prosodyctl start *What is the expected output? What do you see instead?* I expect prosody to start. Instead, got There is no 'pidfile' option in the configuration file, see http://prosody.im/doc/prosodyctl#pidfile for help I added a line to the prosody config file pointing to a non-existent file in an existing directory, and now get: The mod_posix module is not enabled in the Prosody config file, see http://prosody.im/doc/prosodyctl for more info Enabling posix (and a few other modules) allowed the prosody server to start ok. So, my recommendation: - enable posix by default on OS X - pre-configure the location of a .pid file (I used /usr/local/etc/prosody/prosody.pid). Cheers I'm using 0.8.2 on OS X 10.7.

  2. Waqas on

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  3. mailo@rooland.cz on

    When i installed 0.9 on Lion i've discovered (`prosodyctl about`) Prosody is not using `/usr/local/etc/prosody` for config files, but `/usr/local/Cellar/prosody/0.9.1/etc/prosody`. Maybe it'll help somebody

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