ID  Title Status  Type  Milestone  Created  Updated  Stars 
655 Support MUC voice requests and approvals in moderated rooms Started Enhancement 0.11
328 Unable to create users or rooms using smack library Started Defect 0.11 ★★
487 DNS resolution of CNAMEs fails often (not always) Started Defect 0.9 ★★
587 Document development of storage modules Started Defect (empty)
61 PAM authentication Started Enhancement (empty) ★★★
720 pkg-config preset for configure script Started Enhancement (empty)
580 Document development of authentication modules Started Defect (empty)
528 server_select and server_event call different callbacks on connection failure Started Defect (empty)
409 SNI support Started Enhancement (empty) ★★
733 Item count limits for archive stores Started Enhancement (empty) ★★
236 moving contacts from mod_groups managed groups works unexpected Started Defect (empty)
867 MAM: Enable archiving after users first query Started Enhancement (empty) ★★