ID  Title Status  Type  Milestone  Created  Updated  Stars 
972 Remove in-memory archive driver from mod_mam Accepted Enhancement 0.10
971 New default read timeout value Accepted Enhancement 0.10
651 Migrator archive support Accepted Enhancement 0.10
998 mod_bosh: Add metrics Accepted Enhancement 0.10
999 prosodyctl --root cert generate produces files that the prosody user lacks permission to read Accepted Defect 0.10
1064 Table creation query fails when tables already exist Accepted Defect 0.10
1041 HTTP wildcard handlers receive truncated path when http_paths is used NeedInfo Defect 0.10 ★★
345 MUC: Adding multiple members at a time doesn't work Accepted Defect 0.10
727 net.server uses socket.dns.getaddrinfo which is missing from luasocket 2 Accepted Defect 0.10
1071 No certificate for SSL ports in default config Accepted Defect 0.10
355 Postgres "idle in transaction" NeedInfo Defect 0.10 ★★
688 SQL prepared statements not always re-used Accepted Defect 0.10 ★★★
1075 prosodyctl --root cert ... demands root-owned certs dir Accepted Defect 0.10