#835 Attempt to send stanza from nil - a host we don't serve

Reporter Dennis Schridde
Owner MattJ
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  1. Dennis Schridde on

    In the debug log of my Prosody installation, I see blocks of the following message appear every few seconds: ``` Attempt to send stanza from nil - a host we don't serve ``` Prosody 0.10 Hg with Prosody Modules Hg. I am using the following modules: ``` modules_enabled = { "roster", "saslauth", "tls", "dialback", "disco", "private", "vcard", "blocklist", "compression", "version", "uptime", "time", "ping", "pep", "pep_vcard_png_avatar", "admin_adhoc", "admin_web", "admin_message", "http", "bosh", "websocket", "groups", "announce", "welcome", "motd", "lastactivity", "sift", "smacks", "smacks_offline", "csi", "csi_compat", "filter_chatstates", "throttle_presence", "mam", "mam_adhoc", "mam_archive", "carbons", "carbons_adhoc", "lastlog", "list_inactive", "http_altconnect", "http_files", "http_upload", "http_logging", "http_status_check", "server_contact_info", "query_client_ver", "turncredentials", "adhoc_blacklist", "poke_strangers", "cloud_notify", "s2s_log_certs", "s2s_keysize_policy", "s2s_keepalive", "proctitle", "ipcheck", "alias", "candy", "idlecompat", "graceful_shutdown", "presence_cache", "invite", "spam_reporting", "block_registrations", "watchregistrations", "watchuntrusted", "log_slow_events", }

  2. Zash on

    Hi. Is this reproducible? What's happening just before this? Logs? Also, please specify exact hg revisions. I would suggest attempting to narrow down the list of suspects by disabling modules, especially 3rd party community modules.

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    • owner Zash
  3. Dennis Schridde on

    The message appears every few seconds, but I don't know how it started - i.e. I don't know to get another system into the same state. Nothing happens before this - it goes on for minutes. And no other messages appear in the log during that time. I have debug logs enabled and I get the expected login messages and some inbound stanza messages, but nothing that I'd tie to the messages I quoted. prosody.version contains: 679746cdf3cc. Does prosody-modules have something similar? I will try disabling modules later, when I've got some free time.

  4. Zash on

    `prosodyctl about` should be able to tell most relevant version numbers.

  5. Dennis Schridde on

    prosody modules: 85509650ba82

  6. Dennis Schridde on

    In Prosody 0.10 hg:9546c629289b, with prosody-modules 2b741e68433b, the error message changed to: mod_s2s: Attempt to send stanza from %s - a host we don't serve

  7. Dennis Schridde on

    This is caused by host_status_heartbeat, which I have in modules_enabled for every Component of my VirtualHost - each component causes one such log message. If I remove that module from each component, the log messages stop.

  8. Zash on

    • owner Zash MattJ

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