#725 mod_storage_xmlarchive archives aren’t deleted on account removal

Reporter Link Mauve
Owner Zash
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  • Status-Fixed
  • Type-Defect
  • Priority-Medium
  1. Link Mauve on

    What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Enable mod_mam with mod_storage_xmlarchive. 2. Receive a message. 3. Delete your account with XEP-0077. What is the expected output? What do you see instead? No file should remain in ~prosody/<server JID>/archive2/username* Instead I can still see the .list and the .xml corresponding to this user. What version of the product are you using? On what operating system? hg:bdaff978c790 (0.10) on ArchLinux current. Please provide any additional information below. N/A

  2. Zash on

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    • owner Zash
  3. Zash on

    What I believe happens here is: An user is deleted, `storagemanager.purge()` is called. This loops over all enabled storage drivers and tells the them to purge the user. If mod_storage_internal performs a purge (by calling datamanager.purge()) before mod_storage_xmlarchive, then the date list file used by the later is deleted. The root of the problem is that we do not have any idea which stores have user-related data in them.

  4. Zash on

    Could you test this patch: diff -r 623e23190c3e mod_storage_xmlarchive/mod_storage_xmlarchive.lua --- a/mod_storage_xmlarchive/mod_storage_xmlarchive.lua Mon Jan 02 21:04:36 2017 +0100 +++ b/mod_storage_xmlarchive/mod_storage_xmlarchive.lua Wed Jan 04 03:53:19 2017 +0100 @@ -263,11 +263,18 @@ function provider:open(store, typ) end function provider:purge(username) - for store in dm.stores(username, module.host) do - local dates = dm.list_load(username, module.host, store) or empty; - if dates[1] and type(dates[1]) == "string" and dates[1]:match("^%d%d%d%d%-%d%d%-%d%d$") then - module:log("info", "Store %s looks like an archive store, emptying it...", store); - provider:open(store, "archive"):delete(username); + local encoded_username = dm.path_encode(username .. "@"); + local basepath = prosody.paths.data .. "/" .. dm.path_encode(module.host); + for store in lfs.dir(basepath) do + store = basepath .. "/" .. dm.path_encode(store); + if lfs.attributes(store, "mode") == "directory" then + for file in lfs.dir(store) do + if file:sub(1, #encoded_username) == encoded_username then + if file:sub(-4) == ".xml" or file:sub(-5) == ".list" then + os.remove(store .. "/" .. file); + end + end + end end end return true;

  5. Zash on

    • title mod_mam’s archives aren’t deleted on account removal mod_storage_xmlarchive archives aren’t deleted on account removal
  6. Zash on

    Committed above patch as https://hg.prosody.im/prosody-modules/rev/1b081c8fc1d9

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