#435 Provide a more flexible way to configure who can create rooms

Reporter kensuke.spb
Owner MattJ
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  • Type-Enhancement
  • mod_muc
  1. kensuke.spb on

    Currently we can choose from restrict_room_creation = true / false / local. I'd like to set it to local but also provide a way to allow another component (with JID like vk.domain.tld) create new rooms and invite users there. With "local", users at @domain.tld can create rooms, but not the transport at vk.domain.tld. Additional white list would be welcome. The thing about vk.domain.tld is that it provides group chat feature and it needs to interact with mod_muc to translate those chats into XMPP world.

  2. MattJ on

    Can you not just set it as an admin of the MUC service? Component "conference.domain.tld" "muc" admins = { "vk.domain.tld" } Admins should be able to bypass all restrictions.

    • owner MattJ
  3. kensuke.spb on

    Nope, it does not seem to work.

  4. kensuke.spb on

    Ah, I missed that you places admins = under Component section, let me try again.

  5. kensuke.spb on

    Yes, this way it works.

  6. kensuke.spb on

    Sorry, I forgot to change the resctriction back to "local". Finally, with "local" and admins set, the room is not created.

  7. MattJ on

    Which version of Prosody?

  8. kensuke.spb on

    Prosody 0.9.4.

  9. kensuke.spb on

    Well, I added 12345@vk.domain.tld to admins where 12345 is my id in the social media (for which the transport is for). It works this way with "local" restriction mode, but this is not universal. Is it possible to use wildcards?

  10. Zash on

    • title Provide a more flexible way to configure who can create rooms
    • tag Type-Enhancement
    • tag mod_muc

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