#395 [mod_muc] Save history on restart

Reporter dittler@informatik.hu-berlin.de
Owner MattJ
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  • Milestone-0.11
  • Type-Enhancement
  • Priority-Medium
  • Status-Accepted
  1. dittler@informatik.hu-berlin.de on

    Our users make extensive use of MUCs and it's history feature. Sadly atm, that keeps us from restarting the server as all history is lost then. Would it be possible to just save it temporary in the storage while restarting the server for updates? Thank you already pretty much for prosody, which is very great.

  2. dittler@informatik.hu-berlin.de on

    Sry, this is of course a feature request. I just didn't hit the button. Please change.

  3. MattJ on

    This is something that will become possible in 0.10 due to the new API (though it might not be a built-in feature, we'll see). I'm adding a milestone and changing the type to 'enhancement'.

    • owner MattJ
    • tags Type-Defect Type-Enhancement Milestone-0.10 Status-Accepted
  4. dittler on


  5. MattJ on

    Bumping milestone in order to not block the 0.10 release.

    • tags Milestone-0.11
  6. Zash on

    This is already possible with https://modules.prosody.im/mod_mam_muc.html

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