Multi-user chat (MUC) is Prosody's module for allowing you to create hosted chatrooms/conferences for XMPP users.

General information on setting up and using MUC chatrooms can be found in our 'Chatrooms' documentation, which you should read if you are new to XMPP chatrooms.


mod_muc implements XEP-0045, which is supported by most XMPP clients to some degree. Rooms are identified by their address, which will be along the lines of ''.


Replace '' with the address you want to use for the MUC service. It must be different to any other host/server on Prosody, and is usually a subdomain of a normal host. Using 'conference' is a common convention, but is completely up to you.


Option Default Notes
name "Prosody Chatrooms" The name to return in service discovery responses
restrict_room_creation false If true will only allow admins to create new chatrooms otherwise anyone can create a room. Version 0.8.0+: The new value "local" restricts room creation to users on the service's parent domain. E.g. can create rooms on The value "admin" restricts to service administrators only.
max_history_messages 20 Maximum number of history messages that will be sent to the member that has just joined the room.