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0.1.0 Release Notes

Released 2008-12-04

Release early, release often. Well, we're not so early as we should have been, however we are releasing much earlier than we would have liked :-D

Thanks to Waqas for doing far too much, thanks to Tobias for SASL support and Mac installer, thanks to Paul for documentation and Arch packages. Finally thanks to Albert, who encouraged us to release before 2012, and for providing rigorous tests for our SRV and IDNA support :-)

A rough list of features:

Known Issues

s2s with some hosts has problems

Fatal exceptions

In lots of places we currently don't even *try* to catch exceptions (errors which stop the server). This is purely because of the way we've been developing, it makes it hard to miss things :)

Note, we don't intend for anyone to run Prosody as their main server at this point in time.

We'd like you to report exceptions and tracebacks as Reporting a bug.

Unknown Issues

Too many to list here :-)